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Caring for our customers and communities is at the core of Irvine Company’s mission. For decades, we’ve been refining our industry-leading approach to Workplace Care®. In consultation with the experts at UCI Health, our priority today, and every day, is your well-being.

From our pristine workplaces to innovative building systems to proactive Workplace Success Teams, Irvine Company is uniquely positioned to help you navigate these unprecedented times.

When you’re ready to return, we’re here. The resources on this website are intended to help guide your company’s return to the workplace when permitted by applicable law.

let’s come back with confidence

Workplaces Verified for Wellness

A healthy workplace is an important part of a healthy community. Third-party validation with industry-leading public health and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) experts is essential to delivering on our workplace wellness commitment.

Irvine Company invited the UCI Health team, led by top epidemiologists and infection prevention experts, to consider our coronavirus-related health and safety plans and protocols. Learn more about the comprehensive review process that affirmed Irvine Company’s wide-ranging workplace wellness efforts.

“One thing that is really remarkable about Irvine Company is their investment in state-of-the-art ventilation systems, far in excess of the safety requirements for this pandemic and for office spaces in general.” - Susan Huang, MD MPH

Irvine Company is the first commercial real estate provider in the United States to receive the UL Verified Healthy Building Mark for Indoor Air. UL is the global safety science leader, providing independent testing and certification to verify IEQ. Learn more about the comprehensive testing process.

“Irvine Company’s bold action demonstrates a commitment to putting the health and ​ well-being of building occupants first.” - Jennifer Scanlon, president and CEO of UL, Inc.

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Go behind the scenes and see how our expert teams are prepared to welcome companies back to the workplace.

Featured resources

Broker PDF

Broker PDF

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Our Workplace Wellness Commitment

There is no substitute for a dynamic workplace. We’re helping teams connect with confidence in a healthy environment that supports well-being and community.

Clean Spaces

Our enhanced deep-cleaning protocols exceed CDC guidelines, including frequent cleanings of high-touch surfaces in your path of travel throughout the workday.

Healthier Air Filtration

Breathe easy: Every workplace utilizes high-efficiency MERV-rated air filters based on the latest industry guidance.

Optimal Ventilation

Regular fresh air exchange and humidity level monitoring optimize workplace ventilation.

Touch-free Solutions

From contactless entry to touchless restroom fixtures, we’re minimizing shared surface contact throughout the workplace.

Together Safely

We’re implementing new protocols like redirecting foot traffic for 6-foot physical distancing in our community spaces.

Complete Wellness

Our enhanced WorkLife programming supports your team’s psychological and emotional well-being.

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