Your New Workday:
What to Expect

These are general guidelines to help you and your team prepare to return. There may be slight variations in arrival procedures, physical distancing and amenity/dining access, depending on your workplace community.

We are proactively monitoring the latest federal, state and local guidelines. We will continue to update our approach to support your well being and help your teams be together, safely.

For questions or detailed information specific to your workplace, please contact your Customer Resource Team.



We’re all part of creating a healthy workplace. Face coverings should be worn when required by state and local guidelines, such as when 6 feet of physical distancing cannot readily be met. Hand sanitizer stations continue to be available at entry.


Doors may be designated for entry or exit and may remain open throughout the day for touchless movement in and out of your workplace. If you need to use an elevator, please follow signage and floor placement guidance. Elevator capacity will be limited to maintain physical distancing.

face Coverings

Face coverings are required to be worn in compliance with local and state orders. While at one of our workplace communities, face coverings are required in the following areas: when entering and exiting buildings; hallways, stairways, elevators, restrooms, shared amenity spaces, parking facilities, and in all common areas, and when outdoors if a 6 foot distance cannot be maintained. For detailed information, download this guide.

navigating your workplace

Amenities Access

Our teams are evaluating outdoor spaces to allow for safe connection. Additional shared amenity spaces, including KINETIC fitness centers, indoor lounge and game rooms, and meeting & event spaces are currently closed in keeping with state and local mandates.

On-site Dining Options

On-site cafes are currently offering reduced service. We’re working with our dining partners to modify layouts and add directional signage to minimize cross traffic, and we’re adding plexiglass safety shields at purchase points.

physical distancing

Maintain a minimum of 6 feet of physical distance in corridors, restrooms and other shared community spaces.

Community Events

Explore virtual WorkLife experiences to keep teams engaged while in-person events continue to be paused.

continual response & readiness

As your teams begin to return to the workplace, our teams will continue to be ready to respond as needs evolve. We maintain an active, ongoing commitment to a safe and healthy workplace environment.

Common area cleaning

Our enhanced sanitization program exceeds CDC guidelines and includes cleaning high-touch surfaces using EPA-registered disinfectants four to six times per day. High-touch surfaces in parking garages are cleaned up to six times per day. Parking garage elevators and stairwells are fogged overnight, three times per week.

Workspace cleaning

We’ve enhanced our standard cleaning specifications to focus on hard surfaces and high touch points. Above-standard cleaning and sanitation options are also available for customer suites overnight, including electrostatic disinfecting, that can be contracted with the assistance of your Customer Resource Team.

air filtration

Our mechanical systems use high-efficiency MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rated air filters based on the latest industry guidance. Filters are disinfected as part of the replacement process and coils/unit interiors are sanitized to maximize air quality.

building ventilation

We’ve maximized ventilation rates with regular fresh air exchange, and flush and replace the air in our workplaces at regular intervals based on system design. Automatic, alarmed sensors and handheld humidity testers meters help optimize humidity levels.

system testing

Our engineering teams proactively monitor our HVAC systems, filtration, ventilation rates and water systems to optimize air and water quality.

Our Team is Here for You

Customer Resource Team

Your Customer Resource Team continues to be available to support your business needs. Please call, email or use the Angus​ service portal.


Engineers continue proactive service and maintenance requests for customer suites using enhanced safety practices. Engineers wear cloth masks at all times while on property and wear N95 masks, nitrile gloves and safety glasses when physical distancing may not be possible. All tools, parts and service carts are regularly disinfected.

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For individuals who read lips we are providing staff with transparent masks. Please let us know if you, your employees or guests need this accommodation.